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patte A bath with a soft shampoo, for dogs, is recommended 1 in 3 months. Don't wash too often.


patte To avoid the problems of humidities in the regions wich are difficult to dry out after the grooming as between toes or under the tail, apply some baby powder or some cornstach in these regions. Wipe the over with a dry linen. The powder will absorb the humidity and will prevent the risks of erythemas (skin  infections). If irritation occurs, apply an antibiotic ointment like Polysporin.


patte énumération The bulldog requires brushing on a regular basis to remove dead hair, especially during molting period. A Rubber brush is adapted for this type of hair.


patte énumération The fold under the nose is cleaned with a baby wipe 2 to 3 times a week.


patte Your bulldog has a problem of bad odor in the face, it is that there are bacteria wich hide in the fold of the nose. What can you do? Take a lime and press it to use the juice. Make a mixture with half water and half juice, apply with an absorbent cotton, let act some minutes and wipe with a dry linen. The lime juice destroy the bacteria which cause these stenches.


patte To remove the callosity on the nose of your bulldog, apply some petroleum jelly or dermoscent (that you find at the veterinarian) after a few days the callosity will get out and you will find a smooth nose.


patte énumération Ear cleaning requires use of specific product like epiotic that you'll find at the veterinarian. Apply product into ear and gently massage. The dog will shake it's head. Wipe clean with a makeup remover swab. You can replace Épiotic with a home's mixture. Half water and half white vinegar.


patte énumération Nail cutting is important for the Bulldog. It has a very muscular body, putting a lot of weight on the paws, and does not stand very high on its legs therefore the nails should be kept short to avoid injury.


patte Your bulldog has injuries or small buttons between toes, how to treat him? Soak the legs of the dog in some water added by Epsom salt several times a week. The Epsom salt consists of sulfate of magnesium which presents antiseptics properties and which accelerates the healing.


patte Your bulldog has small buttons under the chin, they are pimples. To get rid of these pimples, use Pyoben shampoo sold only on vet clinic. Apply shampoo on buttons with a soft cloth. Do not rinse afterwards. Do it twice a day for a few days.


patte You want that your dog keeps a soft, gleaming and silky hair? Had to his food some sardines in a week or still give him wild salmon oil in capsules. Omega3 which are contained have a beneficial effect on the health of the dog.


patte During teething, the dog needs to chew. Sometimes the toys are not enough to satisfy his need to chew. So give him a bone soup you find at your local butcher or grocery.



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