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For more information contact:

Serge (450) 782-2666

or by email: elevage_doreval@live.ca


About Us



Élevage Doreval is a professional breeder of English Bulldogs raised in home environments. Élevage Doreval prides itself on the quality and beauty of its dogs born from a line of Canadian Champions.

Our objective as a breeder is to continually improve this beautiful race of dogs, the English Bulldog.

Our reproductive males have been carefully selected according to their excellent pedigree. They are descendents of American and European Champions.



pattte énumération OUR TEAM pattte énumération

Élevage Doreval is made of members who all have important roles to play.

pattte énumération Jyceline Doré takes care of all the administrative tasks relating to registering the dogs with the Canadian Kennel Club, competitions, pedigrees, etc…She also ensures all veterinary follow ups. In addition, she schedules and controls all aspects of reproduction as well as ensuring quality customer service.

pattte énumération Serge Valade is a polyvalent member of our team. He is the conformation handler during competitions. He also deals with veterinary visits, maternity, reproduction, the purchasing of new dogs and customer service.

pattte énumération Josée Valade is a conformation handler during competitions. She deals with all reproduction aspects. 

pattte énumération Marielle Doré is responsible for updating and managing the website and is responsible for customer service.



Élevage Doreval has surrounded itself with great contacts who have contributed to the development of its high breeding standards.

We cannot ignore the support of our veterinary Clinic DEMERS to Sorel. They are professionals who have been attentive to our needs. They have been a great asset to the development of our breeding. Their valuable advice and their knowledge of the breed, the English Bulldog, are invaluable.

We must also acknowledge the valuable collaboration of Dr. Angelika Stock, a leading expert on breeding. She has helped and guided us through the complex stages of reproduction.

We would not be able to breed were it not for the collaboration of our foster families. These families have been carefully selected to ensure our reproductive females have the best living conditions. Their collaboration is priceless.



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