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Welcome to Élevage Doreval, breeder of premium English Bulldogs!


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Elevage Doreval is a professional breeder of English Bulldogs raised in home environments. Élevage Doreval prides itself on the quality and beauty of its dogs born from a line of Canadian Champions.

Elevage Doreval is committed to offering outstanding customer service. We follow up after each sale and guide the customer in the education and care of their new puppy.


When sold, our English Bulldogs have been registered, micro chipped, dewormed and are guaranteed free of genetic defects. We offer a written health guarantee.


Our dogs evolve and grow healthy in a clean and safe environment.



All our dogs enjoy the outdoors, training, exercise and sensory stimulation. They are socialized and well balanced dogs.

Our dogs are fed a premium food recommended by our vets.


All of our dogs receive the necessary vaccinations and regular veterinary monitoring. All medical information is registered into their individual health records

Temperament tests (behaviour and attitude) are done on each of our puppies to allow us to properly guide the customer in their choice.


Our breeding males are tested and certified healthy by specialists such as veterinarians, cardiologists, ophthalmologists and the results are registered with the U.S. agency OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals).


Doreval breeding has distinguished itself in conformation and obedience competition and currently has 42 Canadian champions including 2 Canadians Grand Champion by Excellence, 2 Canadians Grand Champion, 21 Canine Good Neigbour titles and 3 holders obedience titles.

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