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Doreval Unité Spéciale Olivia

May 31, 2016


As you probably know my name is inspired by the series "Law and order Criminal Intent." My mistress chose my name Olivia in honor of the inspector Olivia Benson ....

Like her, I'm determined go-getter and unique .... I'm not afraid of anything. My mistress already told me I have great eyes cheeky, nothing escapes me !!!


Olivia Olivia Olivia
Olivia Olivia Olivia

My father is Jakob and my mother Pixel ..... I am their last offspring because my parents are now retired ..... So in a nutshell I'm over. Hence my name: «Unité spéciale».

Already at 10 weeks I get off the show's ramp ... quiclky if there a treat like cheese.

Olivia Olivia Olivia
Olivia Olivia Olivia

I am fortunate to have the best education because I live with Jakob, Éliott and Angus, the elite team of Doreval, then I will take advantage of their education.

olivia olivia olivia

I am somehow very privileged to work alongside my heroes, so I certainly did not disappoint. So I prepare myself for competitions in 2017 and who knows .... maybe luck will smile me.

See you soon....



Sir: Gch Ex Bis Bpis Kepley's Doreval Dreamer Jakob Cgn

Dam: Bbpis Ch Doreval Showtime Pixel Cgn


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